About our mission

Hi everyone! I’m Whirlpool. And if you are reading this, we might have something in common that is the interest in financial market. I have been trading stock and forex as a retail trader for quite some time now. Recently, I’ve applied for a full-time trader position at a fund. During the time, I’ve realized that there is a BIG GAP between real world trading and what we are all taught in school. I’ve heard a lot of complaints from my friends that after they graduate with a finance degree, they don’t even know how to pick a stock no matter what method they are using. It’s a real bad news for the stock market in my country and probably yours as well. That’s the reason I’m so determined to develop this website to help share my lucky-learned knowledge with students and retail traders around the globe, who are ambitious and serious about investment but don’t know where to start.  I will try my best to keep the most materials on this website available for FREE, hence, imperfection is unavoidable. I will be more than happy to hear the feedback from you guys to improve the website as a better place for all finance students. And finally, I want to emphasize the one and only purpose of this website is to guide all beginners step-by-step to the real world trading. Anything beyond that purpose is irrelevant.

 Happy Trading,