10-week Intensive Training Program and Advanced courses for Forex traders

Greetings from our team FinancialWhirlpool! We are currently providing 2 months trading lessons and advice for all newbie and experienced forex traders around the globe. Let me get straight into the description of this  forex course, which can help you make a better decision if this course would fit you.

1. How much is this forex course ?
Answer : 799$ USD

2. What will I get from the course ?
+ 8 weeks of PERSONAL trading lessons and advice (one-on-one)

+ 2 hours per week for lessons via Skype. We will discuss the schedule for our lessons after you enroll in the program. If you are newbie, this course will give you a strong knowledge about the financial market and also the philosophy required in a successful trader. If you are an experienced traders, this course can help you boost your profit by 1000pips/trade using our advanced Elliot wave count and Harmonic patterns.

+ UNLIMITED time for trading advice. Whenever I see an opportunity in the market, you will be the first to know.We will spend most of the time with real world trading. 2 hours per week for lesson is more than enough. You will have chance to practice the theory in real trades and learn more than you can ever imagine.

+ Fundamental analysis on Forex market using Global Macro Economics analysis ( techniques used by hedge funds around the world)

+ Using Thomson Reuters Eikon in our trading lesson whenever necessary.(services worth 1800USD per month)

+ In this forex  course, You will be trained to think like an institutional trader and start to make your profit on your own without relying on anyone.

+ In the last month,we will practice on real trades and I can advise you to make profit to get back the fee for this course ( if you have an account >=3000USD)

+ Life-time access to my harmonic lessons and database for both forex  market.

+ Life-time communication with me via email whenever you run into any difficulty in trading.

+ 2 books about harmonic trading in pdf form

+ 2 automated software for risk management and profit taking in MT4 for forex market.

Thomson Reuters Eikon will be used in our forex/equity lessons.
Thomson Reuters Eikon will be used in our lessons.

3. How can I pay for the course?

Answer: Paypal – with your credit card or paypal account. Please click on the “Pay now” button to check out on Paypal website.

4. What if you don’t like our course ?

Answer: 15 days money back guaranteed. However, we can guarantee that you will love it.

5. How can I enroll ?

Answer: Click on the “Pay now ” button to pay for the course. We will contact you within 2 business-day via the email which you provide on Paypal to arrange the lessons. Please double check your email as it is the sole communication tool between us. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

6. Do I need any prior knowledge ?

Answer: No. We design the courses for all levels of traders.

7. Who will teach you ?

Answer: I, WhirlPool, and other traders in the team will guide you through the course. Sometimes I might invite other traders, such as our fundamentalist Thapelo, to give you a different perspective on the market if necessary.

What our traders say about the course?

forex course

Michael Kawalek

—-Forex Trader—-

” Studying with Whirlpool has been the most influential event in my trading career. His harmonic patterns trading and Elliot wave analysis are legit and proven to work very well by professionals. I managed to get back many times the course fee. I asked Whirlpool to put my track record during the course here. I hope you can see how insane his trades is. I would recommend this course for anyone including newbie and experienced traders.”

forex course

Will Lee

—-Gold Trader—-

“The course is really worth the time and money. I don’t think you guy can find anything on the internet that can beat this value. Mr.Whirlpool has trained me to think like an institutional trader and make trade decision on my own. I stop messing around all the forums and learn new systems, which as you may guess, don’t work at all. Highly recommended for anyone who is serious in trading forex and commodity.”

Lee track record


Hi, I’m Whirlpool – the founder of this website. Our team has been trading in the stock market and forex market for 6 years. We have years of experience in the market and global macro economics . I also worked as a professional forex trader for Optimum Invest fund . I am well aware of the fact the making profit in the market is no easy. That’s why I want to guide you through all the pain and make you feel more comfortable with every position you get into in the market. After class, we can discuss about the stock market and I can show you the philosophy behind investing and trading. It’s my honor to be with you on the way to trade your way to financial freedom.