Amibroker and MetaStock

1) Amibroker

With Amibroker, the process is pretty straight forward.
1) File-> Import Wizard-> Pick Files
2) Choose all the file you just downloaded from     –> Next
3) In column 2, choose the format M/D/Y and in Separator Section choose “Space” –> Next
4) Finish

The official guide for importing data available here

2) Metastock

1) Open the Downloader (It is installed at the same time with Metastock)
2) Tools -> Convert
3) Source: File type: Ascii Text — File name: Click on Browse and choose all the file you just downloaded from
4) Destination: File type: MetaStock — FOlder: choose the folder you want to store these converted files.
5) Ok and wait
6) Go back to Metastock. Click on File-> Open -> choose the security you want to open in the folder containing your converted files.

The data on this website is already adjusted to the standard used in Metastock so no adjustment is required 🙂

We have a video instruction on importing data to Metastock here